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دانلود کتاب راهنمای میدانی برای سواد جامعه: مطالعات موردی و ابزارهایی برای عمل، ارزیابی و تحقیق

A Field Guide to Community Literacy: Case Studies and Tools for Praxis, Evaluation, and Research, Laurie A. Henry, Norman A. Stahl, 9781032118116, 978-1032118116, 9781032131870, 978-1032131870, 9781003228042, 978-1003228042

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This practical guidebook presents trends, research-grounded  strategies, and field-based solutions to challenges of working in  community-based literacy initiatives. A comprehensive guide for  practitioners, this book addresses best practices for implementing,  maintaining, expanding, and evaluating community-based literacy  initiatives. The contributors in this volume help readers shift thinking  from merely considering, "How can communities support literacy?" to  "How can literacy help us create, support, and strengthen communities?"

Organized into four parts – on building community through literacy,  program design, case studies from the field, and program evaluation –  chapters cover research-based and innovative practices in a diverse  range of populations and settings, including family services, adult  literacy initiatives, community centers, and tutoring programs. With an  abundance of praxis-oriented examples and real-world strategies from top  scholars and practitioners, the book serves as a roadmap for essential  topics, including funding, writing grant proposals, handling audits, and  conducting research within program settings. With templates, models,  planning tools, and checklists ready for immediate use, this book is an  invaluable field manual for individuals involved in community literacy  work, researchers, and students in literacy-oriented courses either at  the undergraduate or graduate levels