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A Humane Vision of Clinical Psychology, Volume 1: The Theoretical Basis for a Compassionate Psychotherapy

Advances in Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology, Robert A. Graceffo, 1032259922, 978-1032259925, 9781032259925, 1032304812, 978-1032304816, 9781032304816, B0B57P1XX8

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English | 2023 | PDF | 4 MB | 243 Pages

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The primary purpose of psychotherapy is to improve a patient’s subjective experience. A Humane Vision of Clinical Psychology, Volume I shows readers what this might really mean, how it can be achieved, and where prevailing views go wrong in achieving it.

It  lays out an alternative idea of human suffering and human healing, one  that deemphasizes constructs and prioritizes experience itself. Early  chapters argue that helping people to "know new things" is the ultimate  target of psychotherapeutic change, but that our field has not  sufficiently reflected on the complications of this task. A theory is  then offered, which suggests that the unthinkable aspects of human  experience are responsible for the very ways in which we human beings  think. It invites and outlines a serious reformulation of psychotherapy  in which human cognition is not the seat but the beneficiary of human  change.

This book will be valuable  for therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and other practitioners as  well as graduate and undergraduate students in the fields of  psychiatry, psychology, psychotherapy, mental health, social work, and  philosophy. It will be of great interest for clinicians who find  themselves disenchanted with the field’s current ethos, which is stilted  by scientistic approaches to soothing the suffering of the other.