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A Model of Emotional Leadership in Schools: Effective Leadership to Support Teachers’ Emotional Wellness, Izhak Berkovich, Ori Eyal, 9780367560997, 978-0367560997, 9780367361884, 978-0367361884, 9780429344442, 978-0429344442

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Against the backdrop of research that tells us emotions are playing  an increasingly prevalent role in organizations’ performance, this text  draws on empirical studies to powerfully argue that it is incumbent upon  school principals to display emotional leadership within the education  system

A Model of Emotional Leadership in Schools sets out the  importance of affective wellness in teachers and addresses questions on  emotive school management. Bringing together a range of studies, the  book elucidates emotion as a managerial tool in the school environment,  and considers the interpersonal emotional support of teachers by  principals. Ultimately, the text puts forward a new model of emotional  leadership in schools to provide practical insights into the ways in  which principals can influence, transform, and manage teachers’  emotions

This insightful text will be of interest to researchers, academics,  and postgraduate students in the fields of school leadership and  leadership strategy, as well as educators and school leaders concerned  with how interpersonal aspects of emotion management play out within the  school context