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A Practical Guide to Effective Workplace Accident Investigation, Ron C. McKinnon, 9781032054445, 9781003220091, 978-1032054445, 978-1003220091

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زبان کتاب: انگلیسی
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This book explains how accidents and high potential near-miss incidents are caused, and how to eliminate recurrences by effective accident investigation methods. It shows how to conduct an immediate and root cause analysis so that remedial measures can be taken to prevent a recurrence of similar events. The book shows how to apply the Logical Sequence Accident Investigation Method in the case studies presented

The book:
Provides a practical guide to accident causes, investigation and prevention
Explains immediate and root causes in detail
Gives a number of problem-solving methods for the accident investigator to use
Introduces the Logical Sequence Accident Investigation Method
Provides a practical accident investigation evaluation system.

The book discusses important topics including hazard identification and risk assessment, workplace health and safety, accident causation and prevention theories, the updated accident domino sequence, as well as safety management system standards and controls

The text is primarily written for professionals and graduate students in the fields of occupational health and safety, ergonomics and human factors engineering