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A Practical Guide to Power Line Communications, Christina Vlachou, Sébastien Henri, 9781108835480, 9781108880688, 1108835481, 978-1108835480, B08L9L5G6L

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زبان کتاب: انگلیسی
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 This  excellent resource synthesizes the theory and practice of PLC,  providing a straightforward introduction to the fundamentals of PLC, as  well as an exhaustive review of the performance, evaluation, security,  and heterogeneous network that combine PLC with other means of  communications. It advances the groundwork on power-line communication  (PLC), a tool which has the potential to boost the performance of local  networks, and provides useful worked practical problems on, for example,  PLC protocol optimization. Covering the PHY and MAC layers of the most  popular PLC specifications, including tutorials and experimental  frameworks, and featuring many examples of real-world applications and  performance, it is ideal for university researchers and professional  engineers designing and maintaining PLC or hybrid devices and networks