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Additive Manufacturing for Plastic Recycling: Efforts in Boosting A Circular Economy

Rupinder Singh, Ranvijay Kumar, 9781032026091, 9781003184164, 978-1032026091, 978-1003184164, B09TG4WJT3, 103202609X, 978-1-003-18416-4, 978-1-032-02609-1, 978-1-032-02610-7

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English | 2022 | PDF

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This book provides a comprehensive and up-to-date discussion of  breakthroughs on additive manufacturing for plastic material recycling  to boost a circular economy. It offers new ideas of  combining/hybridizing processing methods that work as a source of  information for manufacturers in making new and strategic product  development plans

Additive Manufacturing for Plastic Recycling: Efforts in Boosting a Circular Economy provides a critical, comprehensive, methodological, and strong  state-of-the-art work on the processing of thermoplastic and  thermosetting along with new directions and applications. It describes  the common and hybrid approaches of recycling processes and includes  theoretical and practical ideas of combining/hybridizing processing  methods with the use of fused deposition modelling, which is one of the  low-cost additive manufacturing techniques. The book also discusses  mechanical twin-screw extrusion followed by case studies for developing  hybrid composite structures for biomedical and structural applications.  Recent innovations in melt processing for recycling and the fundaments,  process parameters investigations, and applications for new product  development are also presented

This book is a first-hand reference source of information for  academic scholars and commercial manufacturers for making strategic  development plans for new product development