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Additive Manufacturing with Medical Applications

Harish Kumar Banga, Rajesh Kumar, Parveen Kalra, Rajendra M. Belokar, 2022003826, 2022003827, 9781032110776, 9781032293257, 9781003301066, 978-1032110776, 978-1032293257, 978-1003301066

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English | 2022 | PDF

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This reference text discusses integrated approaches to improve the objectives of additive manufacturing in medical application.

The  text covers case studies related to product design and development,  discuses biomaterials, applications of artificial intelligence and  machine learning using additive manufacturing techniques. It covers  important topics including 3D printing technology, materials for 3D  printing in medicine, rapid prototyping in clinical applications, and  use of additive manufacturing in customized bone tissue engineering  scaffold.

The text:

Discusses additive manufacturing techniques and their utilization in medical applications.
Covers important applications of additive manufacturing in the fields of medicine, education and space industry.
Explores regulatory challenges associated with the emergence of additive manufacturing.
Examines the use of rapid prototyping in clinical applications.
The  text will serve as a useful reference guide for graduate students and  academic researchers in the fields of industrial engineering,  manufacturing science, mechanical engineering, and aerospace  engineering.

This book discusses important application areas of  additive manufacturing, including medicine, education, and the space  industry, this reference text will be a serve as a useful text for  graduate students and academic researchers in the fields of industrial  engineering, manufacturing science, mechanical engineering, and  aerospace engineering.