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Adjoint Topology Optimization Theory for Nano-Optics

Yongbo Deng, 9811679681, 9789811679681, 978-9811679681

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English | 2022 | PDF

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The book focuses on the topology optimization method for nano-optics. Both principles and implementing practice have been addressed, with more weight placed on applications. This is achieved by providing an in-depth study on the major topic of topology optimization of dielectric and metal structures for nano-optics with extension to the surface structures for electromagnetics. The comprehensive and systematic treatment of practical issues in topology optimization for nano-optics is one of the major features of the book, which is particularly suited for readers who are interested to learn practical solutions in topology optimization. The book can benefit researchers, engineers, and graduate students in the fields of structural optimization, nano-optics, wave optics, electromagnetics, etc.

Table of contents
1 Introduction
1.1 Self-consistency of Adjoint Analysis for Topology Optimization in Frequency Domain
1.2 Dielectric Material Based Topology Optimization for Nano-Optics
1.3 Metal Material-Based Topology Optimization for Nano-Optics
1.4 Extension of Design Space: Topology Optimization on Two-Dimensional Manifolds for Wave Optics
1.5 Conventions
2 Self-consistent Adjoint Analysis
2.1 Topology Optimization Problems
2.2 Split of Wave Equations
2.3 Adjoint Analysis
2.4 Numerical Implementation
2.5 Numerical Examples
2.5.1 Optical Cloak
2.5.2 Nanostructures for Localized Surface Plasmon Resonances
2.6 Summary
2.7 Appendix
2.7.1 Adjoint Analysis of Topology Optimization Problem for Two-Dimensional Optical Waves
2.7.2 Adjoint Analysis of Topology Optimization Problem for Three-Dimensional Optical Waves
3 Dielectric Material-Based Topology Optimization for Nano-Optics
3.1 Methodology
3.1.1 Magnetic Field Formulation
3.1.2 Adjoint Analysis for Magnetic Field-Based Topology Optimization
3.1.3 Electric Field Formulation
3.1.4 Adjoint Analysis for Electric Field-Based Topology Optimization
3.1.5 Numerical implementation
3.2 Applications
3.2.1 Cloak for Perfect Conductor
3.2.2 Dielectric Resonator
3.2.3 Beam Splitter
3.2.4 Cloak for Dielectric Resonator
3.2.5 Metalens with Optical Vortices
3.3 Summary
4 Metal Material-Based Topology Optimization for Nano-Optics
4.1 Methodology
4.1.1 Topology Optimization Problem
4.1.2 Adjoint analysis
4.1.3 Numerical implementation
4.2 Applications
4.2.1 Nanostructures for Localized Surface Plasmonic Resonances
4.2.2 Nanoslits for Extraordinary Optical Transmission
4.2.3 Nanoantennas for Coupling Free Space and Metal-Insulator-Metal Waveguide
4.2.4 Cloak for Surface Plasmonic Polaritons
4.3 Summary
4.4 Appendix
5 Extension of Design Space: Topology Optimization on Two-Dimensional Manifolds for Wave Optics
5.1 Methodology
5.1.1 Two-Dimensional Manifolds
5.1.2 PDEs for Physical Fields
5.1.3 Regularization
5.1.4 Topology Optimization Problem
5.1.5 Adjoint Analysis
5.1.6 Numerical Implementation
5.2 Applications
5.3 Summary