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Advanced Circuits and Systems for Healthcare and Security Applications

Balwinder Raj, Brij B. Gupta, Jeetendra Singh, 1032039078, 9781032039077, 978-1032039077

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English | 2022 | PDF

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VLSI devices downscaling is a very significant part of the design to  improve the performance of VLSI industry outcomes, which results in high  speed and low power of operation of integrated devices. The increasing  use of VLSI circuits dealing with highly sensitive information, such as  healthcare information, means adequate security measures are required to  be taken for the secure storage and transmission. Advanced Circuits and  Systems for Healthcare and Security Applications provides broader  coverage of the basic aspects of advanced circuits and security and  introduces the corresponding principles. By the end of this book, you  will be familiarized with the theoretical frameworks, technical  methodologies, and empirical research findings in the field to protect  your computers and information from adversaries. Advanced circuits and  the comprehensive material of this book will keep you interested and  involved throughout.

The book is an integrated source which aims  at understanding the basic concepts associated with the security of the  advanced circuits and the cyber world as a first step towards achieving  high-end protection from adversaries and hackers. The content includes  theoretical frameworks and recent empirical findings in the field to  understand the associated principles, key challenges and recent  real-time applications of the advanced circuits and cybersecurity. It  illustrates the notions, models, and terminologies that are widely used  in the area of circuits and security, identifies the existing security  issues in the field, and evaluates the underlying factors that influence  the security of the systems. It emphasizes the idea of understanding  the motivation of the attackers to establish adequate security measures  and to mitigate security attacks in a better way. This book also  outlines the exciting areas of future research where the  already-existing methodologies can be implemented. Moreover, this book  is suitable for students, researchers, and professionals in the who are  looking forward to carry out research in the field of advanced circuits  and systems for healthcare and security applications; faculty members  across universities; and software developers.