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Advanced Organic Waste Management: Sustainable Practices and Approaches

Chaudhery Mustansar Hussain, Subrata Hait, 0323857922, 9780323857925, 978-0323857925

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English | 2022 | PDF

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Advanced Organic Waste Management: Sustainable Practices and Approaches  provides an integrated holistic approach to the challenges associated  with organic waste management, particularly related to sustainability,  lifecycle assessment, emerging regulations, and novel approaches for  resource and energy recovery. In addition to traditional techniques,  such as anaerobic digestion, composting, innovative and emerging  techniques of waste recycling like hydrothermal carbonization and  vermicomposting are included. The book combines the fundamentals and  practices of sustainable organic waste management with successful case  studies from developed and developing countries, highlighting practical  applications and challenges.

Sections cover global organic waste  generation, encompassing sources and types, composition and  characteristics, focus on technical aspects related to various resource  recovery techniques like composting and vermicomposting, cover various  waste-to-energy technologies, illustrate various environmental  management tools for organic waste, present innovative organic waste  management practices and strategies complemented by detailed case  studies, introduce the circular bioeconomy approach, and more.