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Advanced Structural Chemistry: Tailoring Properties of Inorganic Materials and their Applications: 3 Volumesrd Edition

Rong Cao | 3527349006, 978-3527349005, 9783527349005, B08ZT2CLDK

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Discover the relationships between inorganic chemical synthesis, structure, and property with these comprehensive and insightful volumes

Advanced Structural Chemistry: Tailoring Properties of Inorganic Materials and their Applications (3 Volume Set) offers readers the opportunity to discover the relationship between the structure and function of matter, develop efficient and precise synthesis methodology, and to understand the theoretical tools for new functional substances.

Advanced Structural Chemistry clarifies the relationships between synthesis and structure, as well as structure and property, both of which are central to the creation of new materials with unique functions. In addition to subjects like the syntheses of metal-oxide clusters, metal-organic cages, and metal-organic frameworks with tailored optical, electric, ferroelectric, magnetic, adsorption, separation, and catalytic properties, the accomplished editor Rong Cao provides readers with information on a wide variety of topics, such as:

•Coordination-assembled metal-organic macrocycles and cages, including metallacycles and metallacages

•The structural chemistry of metal-oxo clusters, including the oxo clusters of transition metal, main group metal, and lanthanides

•Synthetic approaches, structural diversities, and biological aspects of molybdenum-based heterometallic sulfide clusters and coordination polymers

•Group 11-15 metal chalcogenides, including discrete chalcogenide clusters synthesized in ionic liquids

•The structures of metal-organic frameworks, including one-, two-, and three-dimensional MOFs

Perfect for inorganic chemists, structural chemists, solid state chemists, material scientists, and solid state physicists, Advanced Structural Chemistry also belongs on the bookshelves of catalytic and industrial chemists who seek to improve their understanding of the structure and functions of inorganic materials.