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Advances in Audiology and Hearing Science

2-Volume Set, Stavros Hatzopoulos, 177188827X, 9781771888271, 978-1771888271

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English | 2020 | PDF

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With chapters from audiology professionals from around the world,  Advances in Audiology and Hearing Science-presented in two  volumes―provides an abundance of valuable information on the latest  technological and procedural advances in this ever-improving field.

Volume  1 primarily focuses on revised clinical protocols and provides  information on new research to help guide decisions and criteria  regarding diagnosis, management, and treatment of hearing-related  issues. Topics include new clinical applications such as auditory  steady-state response, wideband acoustic immittance, otoacoustic  emissions, frequency following response, noise exposure, genomics and  hearing loss, and more.

Volume 2 includes sections with material  related to hearing devices, hearing in special populations, such as the  children and the elderly, as well chapters on the fast-growing  subfields of otoprotection and regeneration, including pharmacologic  otoprotection, stem cells, and nanotechnology. Topics include early  auditory development in children after cochlear implantation, music  therapy, the effect of music on hearing health, and auditory  enhancement.