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Advances in Dairy Microbial Products

Joginder Singh, Ashish Vyas, 0275975789, 9780323857932, 0323857930, 978-0323857932

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English | 2022 | PDF

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Advances in Dairy Microbial Products describes the importance and  utility of microbial products used in dairy products. This book explains  the makeup of these products in a scientifically sound yet simple  manner. The appeal of this book is its holistic approach to addressing  the different aspects of the dairy industry, from basic dairy microbial  biochemistry to production of dairy products and their nutrient quality,  and finally to machine learning applications in dairy industry.  Comprised of chapters written and edited by international authorities  and researchers with top expertise in dairy products, it offers both  established and cutting-edge solutions to the numerous challenges  commonly encountered in the industrial processing of milk and the  production of milk products. This book offers a highly practical  approach to the topic, addressing and tackling the problems faced in the  workplace by dairy technologists.

Researchers and practitioners  will find this book to be an ideal source of thorough and up-to-date  information on dairy microbial products while also appealing to  beginners seeking to understand how advanced dairy technologies can  increase the efficiency of current techniques.