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Advances in Trichoderma Biology for Agricultural Applications

N. Amaresan, A. Sankaranarayanan, Mitesh Kumar Dwivedi, Irina S. Druzhinina, 3030916499, 9783030916497, 978-3030916497

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English | 2022 | EPUB, Converted PDF

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Advances in Trichoderma Biology for Agricultural Applications covers the  beneficial properties of Trichoderma in enhancing global agricultural  productivity. Trichoderma are biotechnologically significant fungi,  being widely used both agriculturally and industrially. In many cases  Trichoderma are also a potential drug source of clinical importance. In  recent years, driven by advances in genetics and genomics, research on  these fungi has opened new avenues for its various applications. This  book covers i) Current state of Trichoderma taxonomy, and species  identification, ii) Trichoderma and plant-pathogenic fungi interactions,  iii) Trichoderma interactions with plants, including rhizosphere  competence of Trichoderma, antagonistic potentials, plant growth  promotion, and management of various abiotic stresses in plants, iv)  Practical aspects of Trichoderma commercialization in agriculture, v)  Biosynthesis of metal-based nanoparticles and its application, and vi)  Negative impact of Trichoderma strains in the environments.
Reading  this book should kindle further discussions among researchers working in  fungal biotechnology, microbiology, agriculture, environmental science,  forestry, and other allied subjects and thus lead to a broader scope of  Trichoderma-based products and technologies. The knowledge shared in  this book should also provide a warning on the potential risks  associated with Trichoderma.