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Adventure Psychology: Going Knowingly into the Unknown

Paula Reid, Eric Brymer, 1032003030, 9781032003030, 978-1032003030

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English | 2022 | PDF

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In recent years a new set of psychological principles has emerged from  research investigating adventure and adventurous activities. Adventure  involves a special type of physical activity in natural contexts where  participants voluntarily participate in experiences where the  environment and activity are challenging, perhaps dangerous and  potentially life threatening. To go on an adventure is to participate in  an enduring event requiring sustainable effort, where effective  performance is measured not only by success but also by survival. This  book brings together the emerging literature in ‘Adventure Psychology’  that supports enduring performance and wellbeing.

The first  section examines sustaining performance and wellbeing. The second  section studies the transformative aspect of adventure. Adventure  Psychology is of use in everyday life and the techniques and  understandings can help people and business prepare for the future. This  book will help us all thrive despite adversity, volatility and  uncertainty.

Written for trainers, educators, researchers and  students of sports, performance and organisational psychology as well as  adventurers and endurance athletes, Adventure Psychology is designed to  meet the needs of specialists across a variety of fields but  importantly also to be accessible and applicable for those wanting to  live life fully ― to realise our full potential.