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دانلود کتاب AETA 2018 - پیشرفت های اخیر در مهندسی برق و علوم مرتبط: نظریه و کاربرد

AETA 2018 - Recent Advances in Electrical Engineering and Related Sciences: Theory and Application | Ivan Zelinka, Pavel Brandstetter | ISBN: 3030149080, 3030149064, 978-3030149086, 9783030149062, 978-3030149086, 9783030149062, B07QNB3FWF

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سال انتشار: 2020

تعداد صفحات: 998

زبان فایل: انگلیسی

فرمت فایل: PDF

حجم فایل: 120MB

ناشر: Springer

These proceedings address a broad range of topic areas, including telecommunication, power systems, digital signal processing, robotics, control systems, renewable energy, power electronics, soft computing and more.

Today’s world is based on vitally important technologies that combine e.g. electronics, cybernetics, computer science, telecommunication, and physics. However, since the advent of these technologies, we have been confronted with numerous technological challenges such as finding optimal solutions to various problems regarding controlling technologies, signal processing, power source design, robotics, etc.

Readers will find papers on these and other topics, which share fresh ideas and provide state-of-the-art overviews. They will also benefit practitioners, who can easily apply the issues discussed here to solve real-life problems in their own work. Accordingly, the proceedings offer a valuable resource for all scientists and engineers pursuing research and applications in the above-mentioned fields.