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Algebraic Identification of Smart Systems: Theory аnd Practice

Natalia A. Serdyukova, Vladimir I. Serdyukov | 3030544699, 9783030544690, 978-3030544690, B08GC5D19W

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This book is a continuation of our recently published book “Algebraic formalization of smart systems. Theory and practice.” It incorporates a new concept of quasi-fractal algebraic systems, based on A.I. Maltsev’s theory of algebraic systems and the theory of fractals developed by Benoit Mandelbrot, to investigate smart systems in more detail.
The main tool used in the book, quasi-fractal algebraic systems, helps us to see smart systems in more detail by adding new factors, which e.g. make it possible to describe the previously indivisible elements of the initial model of factors. The techniques presented include fixed-point theorem, theorems of group theory, theory of Boolean algebras, and Erdös-Renyi algorithms. Given its focus, the book is intended for anyone interested in smart system theory.