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Algebraic Theory for True Concurrency

Yong Wang, 978-0-443-18912-8, 0443189129, 978-0443189128, 9780443189128, B0BRN7ST17

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English | 2023 | PDF

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Algebraic Theory for True Concurrency presents readers with the algebraic laws for true concurrency. Parallelism and concurrency are two of the core concepts within computer science. This book covers the different realms of concurrency, which enables programs, algorithms or problems to be broken out into order-independent or partially ordered components to improve computation and execution speed. There are two primary approaches for executing concurrency: interleaving concurrency and true concurrency. The main representative of interleaving concurrency is bisimulation/rooted branching bisimulation equivalences which is also readily explored.

This work eventually founded the comprehensive axiomatization modulo bisimulation equivalence -- ACP (Algebra of Communicating Processes).The other approach to concurrency is true concurrency. Research on true concurrency is active and includes many emerging applications. First, there are several truly concurrent bisimulation equivalences, including: pomset bisimulation equivalence, step bisimulation equivalence, history-preserving (hp-) bisimulation equivalence, and hereditary history-preserving (hhp-) bisimulation equivalence, the most well-known truly concurrent bisimulation equivalence.