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An Inquiry-Based Introduction to Engineering

Michelle Blum, 3030914704, 9783030914707, 978-3030914707

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English | 2022 | PDF

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The text introduces engineering to first-year undergraduate students  using Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL). It draws on several different  inquiry-based instruction types such as confirmation inquiry, structured  inquiry, guided inquiry, and open inquiry, and all of their common  elements.  Professor Blum’s approach emphasizes the student’s role in  the learning process, empowering them in the classroom to explore the  material, ask questions, and share ideas, instead of the instructor  lecturing to passive learners about what they need to know. Beginning  with a preface to IBL, the book is organized into three parts, each  consisting of four to ten chapters. Each chapter has a dedicated topic  where an initial few paragraphs of introductory or fundamental material  are provided. This is followed by a series of focused questions that  guide the students’ learning about the concept(s) being taught.  Featuring multiple inquiry-based strategies, each most appropriate to  the topic, An Inquiry-Based Approach to Introduction to Engineering  stands as an easy to use textbook that quickly allows students to  actively engage with the content during every class period.