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Analytical Methodologies for Biofilm Research

Moupriya Nag, Dibyajit Lahiri, 1071613804, 9781071613801, 978-1071613801

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English | 2022 | PDF

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The book provides the readers of various discipline an easy  understanding of the latest biophysical techniques pertaining to  microbiology. Biofilm associated chronic infection is a major health  problem and a serious concern to doctors, scientists and other health  workers as it develops antibiotic and multi-drug resistance. This book  describes various protocols utilized in the detection of the biofilm.  The book has been divided into six sub sections which provides pertinent  information about the various biophysical techniques and instruments  that are used for detecting and analyzing the biofilm formation upon  biotic and abiotic surfaces. The readers will be able to identify the  techniques that can best cater information to solve the problem at hand.  This book attempts to compile the latest information on the recent  advances in the various functional aspects of microbial biofilms, their  pathogenesis, present day treatments as well as detection strategies.

This  book is meant for researchers in the field of microbiology and  interested in understanding microbial pathogenesis, quorum sensing and  biofilm formation.