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Anthology of Contemporary Clinical Classics in Analytical Psychology: The New Ancestors, Stefano Carpani, 9780367710163, 9781003148968, 9780367710170, 978-0367710163, 978-1003148968, 978-0367710170

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زبان کتاب: انگلیسی
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This anthology of contemporary classics in analytical psychology  bring together academic, scholarly and clinical writings by contributors  who constitute the "post-Jungian" generation

Carpani brings together important contributions from the Jungian  world to establish the "new ancestors" in this field, in order to serve  future generations of Jungian analysts, scholars, historians and  students. This generation of clinicians and scholars has shaped the  contemporary Jungian landscape, and their work continues to inspire  discussions on key topics including archetypes, race, gender, trauma and  complexes. Each contributor has selected a piece of their work which  they feel best represents their research and clinical interests, each  aiding the expansion of current discussions on Jung and contemporary  analytical psychology studies

Spanning two volumes, which are also accessible as standalone books,  this essential collection will be of interest to Jungian analysts and  therapists, as well as to academics and students of Jungian and  post-Jungian studies