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Antimicrobial Resistance: Collaborative Measures of Control

Sunil Dasharath Saroj, 103232161X, 1000782379, 978-1032321615, 9781032321615, 978-1032321653, 978-1000782370, 9781032321653, 9781000782370

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English | 2023 | PDF | 6 MB | 365 Pages

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Antimicrobial resistance has existed in  nature long before the discovery of antibiotics. The mechanisms of  resistance are prevalent among the bacterial population. Over a period  of time and facilitated by indiscriminate usage of antibiotics, these  mechanisms are transferred from one type of bacteria to another,  including the pathogenic ones. In addition, the rate of discovery of  novel antimicrobials is much slower than the rate of evolution of  antimicrobial resistance. Therefore, there is a need for alternative  strategies to control antimicrobial resistance to save lives. In this  book, the novel strategies to combat antimicrobial resistance are  described, emphasizing collaborative measures of control. We describe  the concerted efforts undertaken by global communities to combat  antimicrobial resistance in detail. The most efficient strategy could be  a behavioral change towards indiscriminate consumption, usage, and  prescription of antibiotics.