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Applied Attention Theory

Christopher D. Wickens, Jason S. McCarley, Robert S. Gutzwiller, 9781000645071, 100064507X, 0367533545, 978-1000645071

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English | 2023 | PDF

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Applied Attention Theory, Second Edition provides details concerning the  relevance of all aspects of attention to the world beyond the  laboratory. Topic application areas include the design of warning  systems to capture attention; attention distractions in the workplace;  failures of dividing attention while driving; and the measurement of  mental workload while flying.

This new edition discusses the  implications of VR and AR for human attention. It also covers the  treatment of attention-based pedagogical methods used to enhance  learning and presents attentional issues in interacting with automation  and AI. New chapters include applications of attention to healthcare,  education pedagogy, highway safety, and human interaction with  autonomous vehicles and other AI systems.

The readership for this book is the professional, the researcher, and the student.