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SEE - Art Esthetics Dental Photography, FAGD Amanda Seay, DDS, FAACD, 1737126109, 9781737126102

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When dealing with interdisciplinary care, the need for photography is critical. The planning of surgery and tissue (pink esthetics) and teeth (white esthetics) treatments require clear and sharp photographs so that all clinicians are seeing the same goal. If you photographed the process throughout its entirety, then you could readily assess at what critical stage you fell short and how you could avoid the mistake and improve the next time. Good photographs help you as a doctor to articulate your plans and expectations, and help patients to communication their desires and motives. Good photographs give your treatment coordinator insight in how to relate to the patient who spends most of their time with the clinical team. Good photographs guide the entire team to “see” the patient when you may be the one who knows the patient best
 "Photography for me is different than some other facets of dentistry. It has a power that is unspoken and transformative. With just a visual image, you can change the mind-set of a patient and elicit emotion from both the subject and the photographer. It is art. It is dynamic. It is simple. It is complex. It is powerful." Amanda Seay, DDS, FAACD, FAGD