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Attracting Beneficial Bugs to Your Garden: A Natural Approach to Pest Control . 2nd edition by Jessica Walliser . ISBN-10: 0760371717 ISBN-13: 978-0760371718, 9780760371718 ASIN: B09RXRPPS7

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Revised and Updated Second Edition
This revised and updated edition  of Jessica Walliser's award-winning Attracting Beneficial Bugs to Your  Garden offers a valuable and science-backed plan for bringing balance  back to the garden
With this indispensable gardening  reference—now updated with new research, insights, and voices—learn how  to create a healthy, balanced, and diverse garden capable of supporting a  hard-working crew of beneficial pest-eating insects and eliminate the  need for synthetic chemical pesticides
After a fascinating introduction to the predator and prey cycle and its
importance to both wild ecosystems and home gardens, you'll meet dozens of pest-munching beneficial insects
(the predators) that feast on garden pests (their prey). From ladybugs
and  lacewings to parasitic wasps and syrphid flies, these good guys of the  bug world keep the natural system of checks and balances in prime  working order. They help limit pest damage and also serve a valuable  role in the garden's food web. But, they won't call your garden home if  you don't have the resources they need to survive.

With a hearty  population of beneficial insects present in your garden, you'll say  goodbye to common garden pests like aphids, cabbage worms, bean beetles,  leafhoppers, and hornworms,
without reaching for a spray can. To encourage these good guys to stick
around  and do their important work, you'll learn how to create a welcoming  habitat and fill your garden with the best plants to support them

Inside you'll find
Bug profiles introducing dozens of beneficial insects and the down-and-dirty details on how they catch and eat their prey
Plant profiles featuring the best plants for supporting beneficials
Interviews  with entomologists who focus their life's work on understanding the  value of insects, including Doug Tallamy, Paula Shrewsbury, Leslie  Allee, Dan Herms, and others
An inspiring look at how plants and insects intersect in the most incredible ways
Why gardening for bugs is just as important to the greater world as it is to your garden
Tips for creating insectary plantings and borders to support a broad range of beneficials
The  acclaimed first edition of Attracting Beneficial Bugs to Your Garden  ushered in a new way to garden; one that appreciates and understands of  the power of returning a natural balance to the garden. This revised and  updated edition continues to herald and expands on that same important  message

Year: 2022
Language: English
Format: EPUB, Converted PDF
Publisher: Cool Springs Press
ISBN-10: 0760371717
ISBN-13: 978-0760371718, 9780760371718