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Average Current-Mode Control of DC-DC Power Converters

Marian K. Kazimierczuk, Dalvir K. Saini, Agasthya Ayachit, 1119525659, 978-1119525653, 9781119525653, B09VYKD6HJ

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English | 2022 | PDF | 10 MB | 321 Pages

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An authoritative one-stop guide to the analysis, design, development, and control of a variety of power converter systems

Average Current-Mode Control of DC-DC Power Converters provides comprehensive and up-to-date information about average current-mode control (ACMC) of pulse-width modulated (PWM) dc-dc converters. This invaluable one-stop resource covers both fundamental and state-of-the-art techniques in average current-mode control of power electronic converters???featuring novel small-signal models of non-isolated and isolated converter topologies with joint and disjoint switching elements and coverage of frequency and time domain analysis of controlled circuits.

The authors employ a systematic theoretical framework supported by step-by-step derivations, design procedures for measuring transfer functions, challenging end-of-chapter problems, easy-to-follow diagrams and illustrations, numerous examples for different power supply specifications, and practical tips for developing power-stage small-signal models using circuit-averaging techniques. The text addresses all essential aspects of modeling, design, analysis, and simulation of average current-mode control of power converter topologies, such as buck, boost, buck-boost, and flyback converters in operating continuous-conduction mode (CCM). Bridging the gap between fundamental modeling methods and their application in a variety of switched-mode power supplies, this book:

  • Discusses the development of small-signal models and transfer functions related to the inner current and outer voltage loops
  • Analyzes inner current loops with average current-mode control and describes their dynamic characteristics
  • Presents dynamic properties of the poles and zeros, time-domain responses of the control circuits, and comparison of relevant modeling techniques
  • Contains a detailed chapter on the analysis and design of control circuits in time-domain and frequency-domain
  • Provides techniques required to produce professional MATLAB plots and schematics for circuit simulations, including example MATLAB codes for the complete design of PWM buck, boost, buck-boost, and flyback DC-DC converters
  • Includes appendices with design equations for steady-state operation in CCM for power converters, parameters of commonly used power MOSFETs and diodes, SPICE models of selected MOSFETs and diodes, simulation tools including introductions to SPICE, MATLAB, and SABER, and MATLAB codes for transfer functions and transient responses

Average Current-Mode Control of DC-DC Power Converters is a must-have reference and guide for researchers, advanced graduate students, and instructors in the area of power electronics, and for practicing engineers and scientists specializing in advanced circuit modeling methods for various converters at different operating conditions.