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Avoiding Common Errors in Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Dale Woolridge, Sean Fox, Jim Homme, Aaron Leetch, Tim Ruttan, 1975138333, 978-1975138332, 9781975138332, B08GJV7CB4

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Conversational and easy to read, Avoiding Common Errors in Pediatric Emergency Medicine discusses 198 errors commonly made in the practice of pediatric emergency medicine and gives practical, easy-to-remember tips for avoiding these pitfalls. This unique manual offers brief, approachable, evidence-based chapters suitable for reading immediately before the start of a rotation, for quick reference on call, or daily for personal assessment and review. Covers nuanced topics specific to the care of children in the emergency setting, including treatment strategies, procedure competencies, distinct pathophysiology, and disease processes. Discusses the crashing patient, ultrasound and imaging, community and legal issues, applied practice, behavioral health, and medication/pharmacy topics. Summarizes each chapter with handy key points that present must-know information in an easy-access, bulleted format. Helps prevent clinical practice errors in the ED due to applying an adult management approach instead of a directed pediatric approach