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Bacterial Bioflocculant for Multifunctional Features

S. Sivaramakrishnan, R.T.V. Vimala, 0323911382, 9780323911382, 978-0323911382

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English | 2022 | PDF

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Bacterial Bioflocculant for Multifunctional Features highlights research  findings on the production and characterization of self-assembling  bioflocculant from bacterial consortium (encompassing Bacillus subtilis,  Enterococcus faecalis and Proteus mirabilis). The book describes the  various high-throughput techniques for characterization of wastewater at  microbiological and molecular level.  Sections cover pharmaceutical  compounds, macromolecular compounds and other contaminants, the  biotoxicity exhibited cellular and nuclear abnormalities in the zebra  fish, and high-throughput techniques used for evaluating the  flocculating efficiency of the bacterial bioflocculant to remove the  contaminants in different other applications.

Bacterial  Bioflocculant for Multifunctional Features will help users undertake  further advanced research in bacterial bioflocculant for bioremediation  technology and environmental prospectives. In addition, it will also  inspire readers to understand bioflocculation and its functions.