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BACTERIOLOGY QUICK STUDY: Quick review of common bacterial infections, pathogenesis, laboratory diagnosis and treatment

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Bacteriology is considered as one of the  carotid arteries of medical microbiology and human disease  control.There are so many different types of bacteria in the world.Many  of them are beneficial to human beings, but some bacteria cause  life-threatening diseases in humans. Bacteriology is an essential field  in the education of medical students, and a competent knowledge in  Microbiology is essential to control and treat various diseases caused  by bacteria.

But recollecting Morphology,  Pathogenesis, Lab diagnosis & Treatment of all the bacteria are not  easy as it sounds.This makes bacteriology hardest tough subject  according to most student's opinions.This book "Bacteriology quick  study" is a humble endeavor to make the bacteriology effortless and  memorizable.Students can use this book as a handbook or mind map for  their exam preparation.This book is not a substitute for standard  textbooks but this book will benefit you the day before the exam to  memorize essential points.