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Basic Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering

P. Sivaraman, C. Sharmeela, A. Thaiyal Nayagi, R. Mahendran | 1119764467, 978-1119764465, 9781119764465, B08Q7QXFX2

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PDF 2021

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Electrical and instrumentation engineering is changing rapidly, and it is important for the veteran engineer in the field not only to have a valuable and reliable reference work which he or she can consult for basic concepts, but also to be up to date on any changes to basic equipment or processes that might have occurred in the field. Covering all of the basic concepts, from three-phase power supply and its various types of connection and conversion, to power equation and discussions of the protection of power system, to transformers, voltage regulation, and many other concepts, this volume is the one-stop, "go to" for all of the engineer's questions on basic electrical and instrumentation engineering.

There are chapters covering the construction and working principle of the DC machine, all varieties of motors, fundamental concepts and operating principles of measuring, and instrumentation, both from a "high end" point of view and the point of view of developing countries, emphasizing low-cost methods.

A valuable reference for engineers, scientists, chemists, and students, this volume is applicable to many different fields, across many different industries, at all levels.  It is a must-have for any library.