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Beyond Copper Soaps: Characterization of Copper Corrosion Containing Organics

Luciana da Costa Carvalho, 9783030978914, 9783030978921, 978-3030978914, 978-3030978921

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English | 2022 | PDF

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This book reports a series of electrochemical experiments where copper  was corroded in the presence of various organic substances. Combining  data from spectroscopy techniques, X-ray diffraction and mass  spectrometry (including proteomics) the experiments demonstrate that  copper-organic complexes can be formed during the corrosion of copper.  The low solubility of copper-organic complexes in organic solvents and  their amorphous nature mean that these compounds cannot be easily  detected by one single analytical technique. This book benefits  researchers investigating the presence of organic residues in  archaeological copper corrosion and copper-organic complexes in art,  where sampling is often subject to curatorial constraints.