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Bio-based Flame-Retardant Technology for Polymeric Materials

Yuan Hu, Xin Wang, 0323907717, 9780323907712, 978-0323907712

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English | 2022 | PDF

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Bio-Based Flame Retardants for Polymeric Materials provides a  comprehensive overview of flame retardants derived directly and  indirectly from plant sources, drawing on cutting-edge research and  covering preparation methods, testing and evaluation techniques,  enhanced properties, and end applications. Chapters introduce bio-based  materials in the context of additives for flame retardancy, explaining  fundamentals and testing methods and analyzing synthetic approaches and  the potential advantages of pursuing a bio-based approach. This is  followed by detailed coverage of bio-based retardants, with each chapter  covering a specific source and guiding the reader systematically  through preparation techniques, evaluation methods, properties and  applications.

Throughout the book, the latest progress in the  field is critically reviewed, and there is a continual emphasis on novel  approaches to achieve enhanced properties and performant materials.  This is an essential guide for all those with an interest in innovative,  sustainable flame retardant additives for polymeric materials,  including researchers, scientists, advanced students, and more.