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Bioactive Peptides from Food: Sources, Analysis, and Functions

Leo M. L. Nollet, Semih Ötleş, 0367608537, 978-0367608538, 9780367608538, B09QY2B344

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English | 2022 | PDF

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A growing body of scientific evidence has revealed that many food peptides exhibit specific biological activities in addition to their established nutritional value. Bioactive peptides present in foods may help reduce the worldwide epidemic of chronic diseases that account for a great number of premature deaths annually. Bioactive peptides can be defined as isolated small fragments of proteins which provide some physiological health benefits. They act as potential modifiers reducing the risk of many chronic diseases.

Bioactive Peptides from Food: Sources, Analysis, and Functions considers fundamental concepts, sources, hydrolysis, fractionation, purification, analysis, chemical synthesis, functions, and regulatory status of nutraceutical bioactive peptides. Methods of isolation of these peptides from different protein sources with their in vitro and vivo physiological effects are addressed. Divided into seven sections, this book delves into how these peptides play a major role in the development of various functional foods. Numerous bioactive peptides have been reported in recent years as naturally present or generated from food proteins of different origins like milk, eggs, soya, fish, and meat.

Key Features:

  • Includes a detailed study of the different sources of bioactive peptides
  • Discusses the health benefits, such as antimicrobial, antiallergic, antihypertensive, antitumor, and immunomodulatory properties of peptides
  • Explorates the state of the art analysis methods of peptides
  • Discovers the bioinformatics of possible bioactive peptides

Written by experts in their field from around the world, Bioactive Peptides from Food reveals the world of databases of peptides. It is a great resource for food scientists, technologists, chemists, nutrition researchers, producers, and processors working in the whole food science and technology field as well as those who are interested in the development of innovative functional products.