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Biomedical Defense Principles to Counter DNA Deep Hacking

Rocky Termanini, 978-0-323-99914-4, 978-0-323-98540-6, 9780323985406, 032399914X, 978-0323999144, 9780323999144, B0BNYPJ62F

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English | 2023 | PDF

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Biomedical Defense Principles to Counter DNA Deep Hacking presents readers with a comprehensive look at the emerging threat of DNA hacking. Dr. Rocky Termanini goes in-depth to uncover the erupting technology being developed by a new generation of savvy bio-hackers who have skills and expertise in biomedical engineering and bioinformatics. The book covers the use of tools such as CRISPR for malicious purposes, which has led agencies such as the U.S. Office of the Director of National Intelligence to add gene editing to its annual list of threats posed by "weapons of mass destruction and proliferation."

Readers will learn about the methods and possible effects of bio-hacking attacks, and, in turn the best methods of autonomic and cognitive defense strategies to detect, capture, analyze, and neutralize DNA bio-hacking attacks, including the versatile DNA symmetrical AI Cognitive Defense System (ACDS). DNA bio-hackers plan to destroy, distort and contaminate confidential, healthy DNA records and potentially create corrupted genes for erroneous diagnosis of illnesses, disease genesis and even wrong DNA fingerprinting for criminal forensics investigations.