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Biomedical Photonics for Diabetes Research

Andrey V. Dunaev, Valery V. Tuchin, 9780367628307, 9780367630911, 9781003112099, 978-0367628307, 978-0367630911, 978-1003112099

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English | 2022 | PDF

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In 2021, over 537 million people worldwide were diagnosed with diabetes,  according to the International Diabetes Federation and so the  diagnosis, care and treatment of patients with diabetes mellitus have  become one of the highest healthcare priorities. Biomedical photonics  methods have been found to significantly improve and assist in the  diagnosis of various disorders and complications arising from diabetes.  These methods have also been widely used in various studies in the field  of diabetes, including in the assessment of biochemical  characteristics, metabolic processes, and microcirculation that are  impaired in this disease.

This book provides an introduction to  methods of biomedical photonics. The chapters, written by world-leading  experts, cover a wide range of issues, including the theoretical basis  of different biophotonics methods and practical issues concerning the  conduction of experimental studies to diagnose disorders associated with  diabetes. It provides a comprehensive summary of the recent advances in  biomedical optics and photonics in the study of diabetes and related  complications.

This book will be of interest to biomedical  physicists and researchers, in addition to practicing doctors and  endocrinologists looking to explore new instrumental methods for  monitoring the effectiveness of patient treatment.

• The first collective book combining accumulated knowledge and experience in the field of diabetes research using biophotonics.
• Contributions from leading experts in the field.
•  Combines the theoretical base of the described methods and approaches,  as well as providing valuable practical guidance and the latest research  from experimental studies.