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Biometals in Autism Spectrum Disorders

Andreas M. Grabrucker, 9780128211328, 978-0128211328, 0128211326,

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English | 2020 | PDF

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Biometals in Autism Spectrum Disorders will be the first to focus on  trace metals and autism. Compared to other references examining ASDs or  metallomics, a focused presentation of the findings of abnormal metal  homeostasis in ASD has not yet come to be. This book provides for  readers an overview of current findings on trace metal biology with  respect to its role in ASD etiology and discusses how abnormal trace  metal biology may be a common factor of several genetic and non-genetic  causes of ASDs considered unrelated in the past. This will open new  vistas for the development of new therapies based on targeted  manipulation of trace metal homeostasis and generate awareness that  trace metal levels during pregnancy must be tightly monitored. Reviews  the role of trace metals in brain development Summarizes research  linking trace metals and autism Explores heterogenous phenotypes as a  factor of genetic and non-genetic factors Includes animal and human stem  research Contains many diagrams, tables, and flow charts Proposes  future therapies based on biometal homeostasis