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Biomining Technologies: Extracting and Recovering Metals from Ores and Wastes

David Barrie Johnson, Christopher George Bryan, Michael Schlömann, Francisco Figueroa Roberto, 3031053818, 9783031053818, 978-3031053818

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English | 2022 | PDF

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This book describes emerging and established industrial processes of  biomining technologies used for the recovery of metals of economic  interest from, e.g. mineral ores, mining and electronic wastes using  microbiological technologies.

Multiple chapters focus on  engineering design and operation of biomining systems. Several  industrial case studies from China, Chile, Peru, Russia/Kazakhstan and  Finland are included, which emphasises the practical approach of the  book. The reader not only learns more about the biology, diversity and  ecology of microorganisms involved in biomining processes, but also  about microbial biomolecular and cultivation tools used in the biomining  industry. Special emphasis is put on emerging biotechnologies enabling  the use of biomining for recycling metals from e-wastes, waste streams  and process waters. Finally, the future impacts and direction of  biomining towards sustainability in a metal-demanding world are also  highlighted.

The book is aimed at an interdisciplinary audience  involving operators and researchers working across disciplines including  geology, chemical engineering, microbiology and molecular biology. This  is reflected by the content of this book, as well as by its authors,  who are all leading practitioners and authorities in their fields.