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Biopolymer-Based Food Packaging: Innovations and Technology

Santosh Kumar, Avik Mukherjee, Joydeep Dutta, 2021045228, 2021045229, 9781119702252, 9781119702320, 9781119702337, 9781119702313, 978-1119702252, 978-1119702320, 978-1119702337, 978-1119702313

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English | 2022 | PDF

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Biopolymer-Based Food Packaging
Explore the latest developments and advancements in biopolymer-based food packaging

In  Biopolymer-Based Food Packaging: Innovations and Technology  Applications, a team of accomplished researchers delivers a complete,  systematic, and sequential account of the contemporary developments in  the application of biopolymers for sustainable food packaging. This book  introduces the fabrication, characterization as well as benefits  arising from the enhanced functionalities of biopolymer-based food  packaging materials.

The authors introduce various  polysaccharide, protein, and microbial polymer-based food packaging  films and coatings, as well as biopolymer-based blends and  nanocomposites. Importance of these materials as active and intelligent  food packaging systems is also introduced. Finally, the book explores  biopolymer-based edible food packaging, and its efficacy in extending  the shelf-life of perishable food items using sustainable materials and  processes suitable for the future of circular economies around the  world.

Readers will also find

A thorough introduction to  the incorporation of nanomaterials as fillers to improve the  physico-chemical, mechanical, thermal, barrier, optical, and  antimicrobial properties of food packaging nanocomposites
Comprehensive  discussions of the use of plant-based bioactive compounds, including  essential oils, in biopolymer-based food packaging
Practical examinations of silver and zinc oxide nanoparticles in food packaging
In-depth treatments of polylactic acid-based composites for food packaging applications
Biopolymer-Based  Food Packaging: Innovations and Technology Applications is an  invaluable resource for academic researchers and professionals in food  packaging and related industries, as well as research scholars, graduate  students, and entrepreneurs working and studying in the field of food  preservation, environmental safety, and human health with a focus on the  sustainable future.