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Bioprospecting Algae for Nanosized Materials by Devarajan Thangadurai ISBN-10: 3030815560 ISBN-13: 978-3030815561, 9783030815561 ASIN: B09TKB567R

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(Nanotechnology in the Life Sciences) 1st ed. Edition
by Devarajan Thangadurai (Editor), Jeyabalan Sangeetha (Editor), Ram Prasad (Editor)
Algae are simple, primitive, heterogeneous, autotrophic, eukaryotic or prokaryotic organisms that lead a symbiotic, parasitic or free-living mode of life. Microalgae and macroalgae possess great potential in various fields of application. Microalgae are ubiquitous and extremely diverse microorganisms that can accumulate toxic contaminants and heavy metals from wastewater, making them a superior candidate to become a powerful nanofactory. Algae were discovered to reduce the presence of metal ions, and afterwards aid in the biosynthesis of nanoparticles. Since algae-mediated biogenic nanoparticles are eco-friendly, cost-effective, high-yielding, speedy and energy-efficient, a large number of studies have been published on them in the last few years. This book focuses on recent progress on the utilization of algae for the synthesis of nanoparticles, their characterization and the possible mechanisms involved
Bioprospecting Algae for Nanosized Materials describes the synthesis of algal nanomaterials and its application in various fields for sustainable development. This book outlines the procedures to prepare phyconanomaterials, techniques to utilize the nanomaterials, and applications in agriculture, environment and medicine

Year: 2021
Pages: 451
Language: English
Format: PDF
Size: 10 MB
Publisher: Springer
ISBN-10: 3030815560
ISBN-13: 978-3030815561, 9783030815561