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Biotechnological Innovations for Environmental Bioremediation

Sudipti Arora, Ashwani Kumar, Shinjiro Ogita, Yuan-Yeu Yau, 9789811690006, 9789811690013, 978-9811690006, 978-9811690013

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English | 2022 | PDF

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This edited book focuses on the application and implementation of  bioremediation and other strategies to create a sustainable and healthy  environment. It provides a collection of approaches to environmental  biotechnology for wastewater treatment, removal of soil heavy metals,  degradation of pesticides, removal of dyes, waste management, and  microbial conversion of environmental pollutants. This book brings to  the fore contributions of certain globally important environmental  biotechnologist. Bioremediation is a popular branch of biotechnology  that involves the use of living organisms such as microorganisms  (microbial remediation), bacteria, fungus (mycoremediation), and plants  (phytoremediation) to bind, extract, and clean up contaminants,  pollutants, and toxins from soil, groundwater, and other environments.  This book is of interest to researchers, scientists, and academic  faculty in environmental sciences. Also, it serves as additional reading  and reference material for undergraduate and graduate students as well  as postdocs in environmental, agriculture, ecology, and soil sciences.  National and International policy makers will also find valuable  information from this book.