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Burnout While Working: Lessons from Pandemic and Beyond

Michael P. Leiter, Cary L. Cooper, 1032168412, 9781032168418, 978-1032168418

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English | 2022 | PDF

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This book offers an extensive look into the ways living through the  COVID-19 pandemic has deepened our understanding of the crises people  experience in their relationships with work. Leading experts explore  burnout as an occupational phenomenon that arises through mismatches  between workplace and individuals on the day-to-day patterns in work  life.

By disrupting where, when, and how people worked, pandemic  measures upset the delicate balances in place regarding core areas of  work life. Chapters examine the profound implications of social  distancing on the quality and frequency of social encounters among  colleagues, with management, and with clientele. The book covers a  variety of occupational groups such as those in the healthcare and  education sectors, and demonstrates the advantages and strains that come  with working from home. The authors also consider the broader social  context of working through the pandemic regarding risks and rewards for  essential workers. By focusing on changes in organisational structures,  policies, and practices, this book looks at effective ways forward in  both recovering from this pandemic and preparing for further workplace  disruptions.

A wide audience of students and researchers in  psychology, management, business, healthcare, and social sciences, as  well as policy makers in government and professional organisations, will  benefit from this detailed insight into the ways COVID-19 has affected  contemporary work attitudes and practices.