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Business Intelligence and Human Resource Management

Deepmala Singh, Anurag Singh, Amizan Omar, SB Goyal, 1032027304, 1032027290, 978-1032027302, 9781032027302, 978-1032027296, 9781032027296, B0B6NS4WWZ

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English | 2023 | PDF | 6 MB | 311 Pages

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Business Intelligence (BI) is a solution to modern business problems.

This  book discusses the relationship between BI and Human Resource  Management (HRM). In addition, it discusses how BI can be used as a  strategic decision-making tool for the sustainable growth of an  organization or business. BI helps organizations generate interactive  reports with clear and reliable data for making numerous business  decisions. 

This book covers topics spanning the  important areas of BI in the context of HRM. It gives an overview of the  aspects, tools, and techniques of BI and how it can assist HRM in  creating a successful future for organizations. Some of the tools and  techniques discussed in the book are analysis, data preparation,  BI-testing, implementation, and optimization on GR and management  disciplines. It will include a chapter on text mining as well as a  section of case studies for practical use. This book will be useful for  business professionals, including but not limited to, HR professionals,  and budding business students.