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Care of the Elderly Mentally Infirm

Barbara Gray, Bernard Isaacs, 9780367524692, 9781032256719, 9781032256740, 9781003284505, 0422771902, 0422771805, 978-0367524692, 978-1032256719, 978-1032256740, 978-1003284505

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English | 2022 | PDF

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Originally published in 1979, this book explains why so many people  suffer behavioural changes in later life; how this affects those around  them; the services that exist to assist older people and those who work  with them and how such services can be profitably used. A recurring  theme is the interaction of the different varieties of mental illness  with one another and with physical, emotional, social and personality  factors. The book provides detailed guidance for social workers caring  for the elderly on such topics as how an assessment of a mentally  disturbed older person can be made; procedure for removal from home  under a court order and compulsory admission to hospital; ways of  communicating with elderly people and gauging the needs of relatives and  carers.