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Cartoon Physics: A Graphic Novel Guide to Solving Physics Problems

Scott Calvin, Kirin Emlet Furst, 113859878X, 1032210419, 978-1138598782, 978-1032210414, 9781138598782, 9781032210414

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English | 2022 | PDF | 59 MB | 274 Pages

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How can a graphic novel teach you to solve physics problems? By making the process more fun and more engaging for readers, this practical guide really works to help students tackle real problems in algebra-based college physics. Along the way, readers will also be equipped with useful problem-solving techniques and physical concepts.

This problem-solving guide, developed by physicist/author Dr. Scott Calvin and engineer/artist Dr. Kirin Furst, is aimed at students in college-level general physics courses. Instead of just providing brief answers to sample questions or discussions of physics concepts without showing how to apply them to difficult problems, Cartoon Physics stresses how to approach problems, what to do if you get stuck, and techniques that can be applied broadly.

--Detailed, step-by-step solutions for more than one hundred college-level exam problems.
--Graphic novel (cartoon) format
--Formula sheet, units sheet, and technique-choice flowchart
--Task Tags indexing problems by technique (momentum, energy) no matter what chapter they appear in
--A t-rex on a trampoline!