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Cavitation and Associated Phenomena, Dmitry A. Biryukov, Denis N. Gerasimov, Eugeny I. Yurin, 9780367425289, 9780367853495, 978-0367425289, 978-0367853495

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زبان کتاب: انگلیسی
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Cavitation is a  dangerous process which destroys objects in a fluid. Scientific  description of this multifaceted phenomenon is based on almost every  area of physics, and many interesting effects are connected with  cavitation. The most intriguing of them is sonoluminescence – the light  emitted from a cavitating fluid

This book presents a full-scale description of cavitation: from the  basic thermodynamic principles to special phenomena associated with this  complex process, from the dynamics of a single gas cavity to the  catastrophic macroscopic manifestations, from the domestic observations  to the nuances of X-ray spectroscopic research

Table of Contents

1. Morphology of Cavitation  2. Cavitation in Engineering  3.  Pressure: Positive and Negative  4. Hydrodynamics of Cavitation  5.  Hydraulic Shocks  6. Acoustic Cavitation  7. Dynamics of a Cavitating  Bubble  8. Electrization of Liquids  9. Cavitation and Light Emission