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دانلود کتاب تغییر و تداوم در کالج ها و دانشگاه های آمریکایی: درس هایی از نوآوری های قرن نوزدهم و بیستم

Change and Continuity in American Colleges and Universities: Lessons from Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Innovations, Nathan, M. Sorber, 9780367542672, 9780367358402, 9780429342080, 978-0367542672, 978-0367358402, 978-0429342080

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Change and Continuity in American Colleges and Universities explores major ideas which have shaped the history and development of  higher education in North America and considers how these inform  contemporary innovations in the sector. Chapters address intellectual, organizational, social, and political  movements which occurred across the nineteenth and twentieth centuries,  and have impacted the policies, scholarship, and practices enacted at a  variety of public and private institutions throughout the United States.  Topics addressed include the politics of racial segregation, the place  of religion in Higher Education, and models of leadership. Through  rigorous historical analyses of education reform cases, this text puts  forward useful lessons on how colleges and universities have navigated  change in the past, and may do so in the future. This text will be of interest to scholars, researchers, and students  in the fields of Higher Education, administration and leadership, as  well as the history of education and educational reform

Table of Contents

Introduction Part 1: Change and Continuity in American Higher Education Section Introduction 1. The Academic Engineers 1900 – 1920: The First Generation of Higher Education Reformers 2. Change and Continuity in American Higher Education in the Post-War Era Part 2: Systemic and Organizational Innovation Section Introduction 3. Mergers in Higher Education: Historical Developments in US and International Contexts 4. An “Administrative” Approach to Innovation: Two Teacher-College Presidents and Simplified Spelling in the Progressive Era 5. “We Felt … that we were Talking to Old Friends”: Cooperation Among Catholic and Protestant Colleges, 1938 – 1945 6. The Morrill Act Disruption: The Land-Grant Idea and Six Major Reforms of American Higher Education Part 3: Intellectual Shifts and Higher Education Transformation Section Introduction 7. Progressivism, John Dewey and the University of Chicago Laboratory School: The Search for Community 8. “To Make Liberal Men: Reclaiming Moral Philosophy in the Mid-Twentieth Century American University” Conclusion