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Check Dam Construction for Sustainable Watershed Management and Planning

Zhanbin Li, Peng Li, Yang Yu, Peng Shi, Guillaume Piton, 1119742404, 9781119742401, 978-1119742401

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English | 2022 | PDF

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Authoritative and comprehensive reference on the potential for watershed development through the use of check dams

Check  Dam Construction for Sustainable Watershed Management and Planning  summarizes current knowledge of check dams as key soil and water  conservation structures in some of the most sensitive and vulnerable  ecosystems in the world, as exemplified by the Mediterranean area and  the Chinese Loess Plateau, providing detailed information on check dam  design and watershed planning, the use of advanced modeling techniques,  challenges in dam construction and how to overcome them.

The  work integrates decades of research in the field of soil and water  conservation and gully management, including advanced studies in check  dam construction and watershed management. It also covers important new  techniques and methods, such as hydrological modeling, isotope tracing,  and more.

To aid in reader comprehension, the five highly  qualified editors have divided the work into three distinct sections.  Sections I and II focus on the experience gained from the erosion  hotspots in the Chinese Loess Plateau, whereas Section III expands the  scope to other regions with different functions for check dams,  including headwater ecosystems and alpine environments.

Sample topics covered in Check Dam Construction for Sustainable Watershed Management and Planning include:
The  regulating effect of check dam systems on sediment redistribution and  the formation and development of dam systems in small watershedsWater  and soil conservation made possible by check dam construction and  sediment source analysis of water-sediment retarding effects of check  dams The regulation of check dam systems on the erosion dynamic process  and the mechanism of erosion reduction by check damsFlood control risk  assessment on warping dam systems and the development and utilization  model of check dam systems
With its systematic coverage of all  aspects of dam construction and maintenance, Check Dam Construction for  Sustainable Watershed Management and Planning supports decision making  by local authorities and can also be used as a professional guide for  ecologists, hydrologists, and water resource managers.