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Circular Economy in Municipal Solid Waste Landfilling: Biomining & Leachate Treatment: Sustainable Solid Waste Management: Waste to Wealth

Pankaj Pathak, Sankar Ganesh Palani, 3031077849, 9783031077845, 978-3031077845

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English | 2022 | PDF

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This book will serve as a ready reckoner of contemporary information  regarding municipal solid waste landfill biomining, treatment of  landfill leachate and heavy metals in a single platform. The  academicians, researchers, and students at master’s and doctoral levels  will be able to understand the current trends in municipal solid waste  landfill operations, which will help in augmenting their research.  Construction of new landfills requires huge monetary investments, which  can be avoided if old landfills were bio-mined for resources and the  space can be re-used as new landfills. Landfill leachate is a hazardous  waste which needs proper treatment that could generate value-added  products such as clean energy and biofertilizers. In this book, each  chapter would provide the background, methodology, and relevant  calculations for sustaining landfill operations. Also, the case studies  based on best practices in municipal solid waste landfilling are  discussed in this book.