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Clinical Behavior Analysis for Children

Adriana Suzart Ungaretti Rossi, Ila Marques Porto Linares, Luiza Chagas Brandão, 3031122461, 9783031122460, 978-3031122460

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English | 2022 | PDF

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This book is a guide for child psychotherapists interested in applying  clinical behavioral analysis to their work and for clinical behavior  analysts working with children. In the literature of behavior analysis, a  considerable number of publications present clinical strategies to more  effectively conduct therapeutic interventions with adults and  adolescents, but there is still a lack of publications that address  practical aspects of the work of the child behavior analytic therapist.  This volume aims do fill this void by bringing together chapters written  by therapists who share their views on theoretical and practical  aspects of child care and describe the stages and challenges of the  psychotherapy process with clients of up to 12 years of age.

Chapters  in this volume provide an overview of the specific knowledge and  techniques clinical behavior analysts need to master to work with  children, such as theories of child development from the perspective of  behavior analysis; biological influences on the development of child  behavior; clinical assessment and definition of therapeutic goals in the  work with children; how to include functional play in clinical  settings; and how to involve parents and the school in the therapeutic  process. Additionally, specific chapters focus on the application of  third wave behavioral therapies, such as Acceptance and Commitment  Therapy and Functional Analytic Psychotherapy, to the clinical work with  children.

Clinical Behavior Analysis for Children will be a  valuable resource for psychotherapists and clinical psychology students  looking for a guide to understand the specificities of clinical behavior  analysis applied to child psychotherapy.