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Clinical Immunology: Principles and Practice

6th Edition, Robert R. Rich, Thomas A. Fleisher, Jr. Harry W. Schroeder, Cornelia M. Weyand, David B. Corry, Jennifer M. Puck, 702081655, 978-0702081668, 9780702081668, 978-0702081651, 9780702081651, B0BC1DZ488

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English | 2023 | Original PDF | 160 MB | 1308 Pages

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Offering unique, comprehensive coverage  of both basic science and clinical scenarios, Clinical Immunology:  Principles and Practice, 6th Edition,  brings you up to date with every aspect of this fast-changing field. It  examines the molecular, cellular, and immunologic bases of immunologic  diseases and their broader systemic implications; it also includes  complete coverage of common and uncommon immunologic disorders. Updated  with all the latest immunologic research and clinical implications,  including breakthrough immunotherapies and molecular-based treatment  protocols,  this fully revised edition provides authoritative guidance from some of  the most respected global leaders in immunology in one complete,  well-illustrated volume.

  • Includes extensive revisions that reflect rapidly expanding research and clinical advances,  including breakthrough drug and immunotherapies such as immune  checkpoint inhibitors, immunotherapies for cancer, precision medicine,  and transfusion medicine. 
  • Contains new chapters  on COVID-19, immune responses, and the role of the immune system;  immunoregulatory deficiencies; immune checkpoints; CAR T cells,  including new cellular-based immunotherapy; gene therapy, including  CRISPR and gene selection; and a clinically focused chapter on asthma.
  • Provides new genetics content focused on data applications.
  • Addresses notable advances in key areas  such as the importance of the microbiota to normal immune system  development and to the pathogenesis of immunologic and inflammatory  diseases; relationships between the innate and adaptive immune systems;  progress in rapid and cost-effective genomics; cell signaling pathways  and the structure of cell-surface molecules; and many more. 
  • Covers hot topics  such as the role of genetics and genomics in immune response and  immunologic disease, atherosclerosis, recurrent fever syndromes, aging  and deficiencies of innate immunity, the role of microbiota in normal  immune system development and in the pathogenesis of immunologic and  inflammatory diseases, and novel therapeutics.
  • Features a user-friendly format  with color-coded boxes highlighting critical information on Key  Concepts, Clinical Pearls, Clinical Relevance, and Therapeutic  Principles.
  • Summarizes promising research and development anticipated over  the next 5–10 years with "On the Horizon" boxes and discussions of  translational research.